Modeller - Balanceboard

The SK8

The Sk8 makes landing that 180 backside kickflip possible, 24 hours a day. We designed this board and rock to be a serious skateboard training device that is fun to ride and progress on. A skate deck shape, easy-entry wooden rock and bomber subdeck make this the balance board of choice for every skateboarder.


The Vew-Do Balance Boards Indy balance board has an hourglass shaped concave maple deck with a shovel end nose and tail. If you yearn for speed, big air and maximum maneuverability, this is your board! The Indy is a fast and challenging board that will train you for rapid turn initiation.


This intermediate board is ideal for learning edge control and handling. Balance training on this "outrigger rock" increases the toe and heel riding confidence necessary for a beginner or intermediate rider.


This responsive board provides a soulful, fluid ride. The narrow, twin tip deck and steep rock taper allows for quick transfer of rotational energy from hips to legs to board. This low impact ride is great for full body conditioning and it will have you carving around the competition.

Mini Board 101

The New and Improved Vew-Do Balance Boards Mini Balance 101 balance board is ideal for beginners and basic balance training. With it's decreased running length and smaller diameter rock the Mini 101 provides basic fore and aft movement with incredible stability. The decreased maneuverability of this rock allows for controlled rehabilitation and strengthening routines.

Zone Balance Pro

Vew-Do Balance Boards Zone Balance Pro is the first and only balance board on the market available as a whole suite of balance training and fitness equipment. Features a flat oval shaped riding deck with EVA foam foot placement comfort pods, injection molded rail system and includes our 3 rock progression system. One roller, one wobble and one teeter.

Progression Trainer

The new Vew-Do Progression Trainer allows for unprecedented stationary balance training while offering multi directional movement on a wide variety of plains. With toe to heal, and nose to tail angulations, as well as torsional flexation and full 360 degree rotation, the Progression is ideal for the beginner to intermediate sports enthusiasts looking to improve their overall balance skills.


Rock - Balanceboard 101

The 101 rock is perfect for beginners and rehabilitation. With a decreased groove width and no taper, the 101 allows a rider to work on the fundamentals of balance.

Model: 101 Balance Board Rock
Shipping Weight: 5lb

Rock - Flow

Featuring an angled taper and tight groove, the Flow rock allows for quick turning and high maneuverability. The Flow is the ideal rock for impressive flat-ground riding.
Rock Length - 10"
Rock Diameter - 4"
Rock Taper - 30 degree straight taper
Rock Weight - 1.6 lbs

Rock - Indy

The most challenging rock we make, the Indy rock sports a quick radial taper and a wide groove. This makes the Indy the best choice for flatground riding or fast-paced ollie tricks.
Rock Length - 9.5"
Rock Diameter - 4"
Rock Taper - 30 degree radial taper
Rock Weight - 1.8 lbs

Rock - Zippy

The Zippy rock is an intermediate step between the Flow and the Indy. With a special outrigger design, the Zippy is perfect for learning to ride the angles with a bit of a helping hand.
Rock Length - 11.25"
Rock Diameter - 3.75"
Rock Taper - 20 degree straight taper
Rock Weight - 1.9 lbs

Riding Mat

The Ultimate Vew-Do Riding Mat is constructed of Premium Wear On Nylon material with Surface Vision Graphics and Non-Slip Odyssey Backing making this mat the ideal riding surface for any Vew-Do enthusiast. With an increased riding area of 46”x 32” and weighing in at a mere 2 pounds, this mat can easily be rolled up for transportation or storage yet still be tough enough to offer the ultimate protection for Moms floors.

Superior Traction Surface Kit (STS)

Developed specifically for Vew-Do products, this water base, brush-able traction surface can easily be applied to recondition the top of any deck thereby increasing the friction between feet and board. It's like "Friction in a can".
Each kit includes enough STS for numerous applications. Customize your board by applying as little or as much friction as you prefer.

Replacement Grip Tape

Replacement friction tape for the bottom of your Vew-Do Board. Sold as a set. Please specify the model of your board in the comments box when ordering.

Plyometric Training Rock System

Are you looking for a piece of plyometric exercise training equipment? Have you heard about the new Vew-Do Plyometric Exercise Training Program™?